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Aside from paying annual dues, members are expected to fundraise (at least) $200 in revenue per year. Samples of generating this revenue are Ad Book Sales, Hole Sponsors, Raffle Tickets, Special Sponsors, or Personal/Corporate Donations. Members that reside in the Chicagoland area are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and show their support by attending CIACO events.

CIACO is made up of members from various backgrounds and professions. Not all our members are of Italian-American descent and it is not a requirement. Some members are retired and some are actively working or own businesses. We encourage members to patronize their companies. A “Who’s Who” Directory is produced every few years and it lists occupations, hobbies and communication information. It can be a valuable resource.

If you decide to join, we will welcome you with open arms. “Bringing smiles to the faces of those less fortunate will always be our greatest motivation.”